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This article is the test plan for Rockchip Yocto Project.  

The test process is mainly focused to track the stability of the Rockchip Linux SDK.

Testing tools


More information can be found in the Autotest github.

Local run

Autotest client is allowed to run without a server, so you can run autotest for verification on your machine. 

First, building a image that contain auotest tool.

bitbake rk-image-machine-test

Then, burning the image and go autotest directory.

cd /usr/local/autotest

Now, you can run some simple tests, such as sleeptest and test result will show in console.

client/autotest-local run sleeptest

You can also run tests by providing the control file.

client/autotest-local client/tests/sleeptest/control

As a reference, Rockchip usually run below tests in weekly test.

gstreamer/control Video decode\encode validation
cpufreq_test/control CPUFreq validation
gpu/control GPU validation
suspend/control Suspend\Resume validation
libdrm/control Display validation
aplay/control Audio validation
ethernet/control Ethernet validation
wifi/control WIFI validation
bt/control Bluetooth validation


gstreamer/control.stress Video decode\encode stress test
memtester/control  Memory subsystem stress test
gpu/control.stress GPU stress test
stress/control CPU stress test (cpufreq, thermal)
suspend/control.stress Suspend\resume stress test
reboot/control Reboot stress test