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We use opensource idbloader(See Boot_option)  on some chips (rk3036, rk3288) and its dmc driver can't support ddr-type autodetct, which will make the board failed to enter u-boot.


PMIC setting in u-boot don't have much matter. Just for the board using rk818, USB input current should be configured during boot stage.


Please note some board have disable emmc in u-boot though the hardware actually have emmc. (firefly-rk3288)


Board config

defconfig and dts

Every Board has its device tree file and config file required by the kernel and uboot. Therefore, you will need to choose the correct dts and config to build the source.Below list various Boards and the matching file.

board uboot kernel config kernel dts Hardware
rk3288-evb evb-rk3288_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3288-evb-act8846.dts or rk3288-evb-rk808.dts mostly LPDDR3 act8846 emmc boot
rk3288-fennec fennec-rk3288_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3288-fennec.dts LPDDR3 rk808 emmc boot
rk3288-miniarm tinker-rk3288_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3288-miniarm.dts LPDDR3 rk808 sd-card boot
rk3288-firefly firefly-rk3288_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3288-firefly.dts DDR3 rk808 sd-card boot
rk3288-phytec phtec-rk3288_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3288-phytec-rdk.dts DDR3 rk818 emmc boot
rk3328-evb evb-rk3328_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3328-evb.dts LPDDR3 rk805 emmc boot
rk3399-excavator evb-rk3399_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3399-sapphire-excavator-linux.dts LPDDR4 rk808 emmc boot
rk3399-firefly firefly-rk3399_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3399-firefly-linux.dts LPDDR4 rk808 emmc boot
rk3036-kylin kylin-rk3036_defconfig rockchip_linux_defconfig rk3036-kylin.dts LPDDR3 rk808 emmc boot


Config Per Chip

chip Kernel eMMC index Kernel SD index Uboot eMMC index Uboot SD index Baud speed
rk3399 1 0 0 1 1500000
rk3328 2 0 0 1 1500000
rk3288 2 0 0 1 115200
rk3036 2 0 0 - 115200