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= RK3288 Boards =
= RK3288 Boards =
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Firefly: [[Firefly-RK3288|Firefly-RK3288]]
Firefly: [[Firefly-RK3288|Firefly-RK3288]]
Lenovo:[https://leez.lenovo.com/#/p710 Leez P710]
Mqmaker: [[MiQi|MiQi]]
Mqmaker: [[MiQi|MiQi]]

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Here list the sbc boards that purchase available on market.


RK3288 Boards

Amarula Electronics: Vyasa-RK3288

ASUS: Tinker Board

Firefly: Firefly-RK3288

Lenovo:Leez P710

Mqmaker: MiQi

PHYTEC: phyCore-RK3288

Pico-ITX: RICO-3288

Rdaxa: Rock2

RK3399 Boards

Rockchip: RK3399 Excavator sapphire

Firefly: Firefly-RK3399


Theobroma Systems: RK3399-Q7

Pine64: ROCK64pro

Vmars: ROCK960

           Rock Pi 4

Pico-ITX: RICO-3399

Orange Pi: Orangepi-rk3399

FriendlyARM: Nano PC T4

                       NanoPi NEO4

                       NanoPi M4

Khadas: Edge-rk3399

RK3328 Boards

Pine64: ROCK64

Firefly: ROC-RK3328-CC

RK3399Pro Boards

Rockchip: TB-RK3399


RK1808 Boards

Rockchip: TB-RK1808