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Fastboot is a protocol that can be used to re-flash partitions on your device (update the flash file system in your devices). It is this small tool that comes with the Android SDK (Software Developer Kit), which is an alternative to the Recovery Mode for doing installations and updates. It first comes with Android. Google have submit the fastboot code to mainline U-boot. So we can use this protocol to flash partition on your device. There are three way to enter fastboot mode

Fastboot command

Rockchip use 0x2207 as its USB vendor ID. This VID is not in Google's original fastboot code. So every fastboot command have to use "-i" parameter to specify vid to fastboot.
To list all the Rockchip devices attached to your USB port in fastboot mode.

<code>$ sudo fastboot -i 0x2207 devices
0123456789AB fastboot</code>

To flash loader

<code>$ sudo fastboot -i 0x2207 flash loader "path to your loader"</code>

To flash android boot image

<code>$ sudo fastboot -i 0x2207 flash boot_a "path to your boot image"
0123456789AB fastboot</code>

To flash android system image

<code>$ sudo fastboot -i 0x2207 flash system_a "path to your system image"
0123456789AB fastboot</code>

To get version:

fastboot getvar version

To get version:

fastboot getvar version-bootloader

To get unlocked:

fastboot getvar unlocked 

To get locked:

fastboot getvar secure

To get product information:

fastboot getvar product

To get serialno:

fastboot getvar serialno

To get partition type:

fastboot getvar partition-type:<partition_name>

To get partition size:

fastboot getvar partition-size:<partition_name>

To get partition offset:

fastboot getvar partition-offset:<partition_name>

Download the Image

To flash image:

fastboot flash <partition_name> <filename>

 (For example:fastboot flash system system.img)

When download the parameter or loader,you need assign the partition name as "parameter" or "loader"

To update firmware:

fastboot update <filename> 

(The firmware package was generated from  android source code make updatepackage


 To recovery:

fastboot oem recovery 

 To recovery and restore:

fastboot oem recovery:wipe_data

To Reboot:

fastboot reboot

To reboot and enter into rockusb loader mode

fastboot reboot-bootloader

To continue:

fastboot continue 


Lock and Unlock the Device

To unlock:

fastboot oem unlock

To  confirm unlock(input  it in 5 minutes after typing fastboot oem unlock command):

fastboot oem unlock_accep

To lock the device:

fastboot oem lock


Special Command

To boot from specifc firmware templately:

fastboot boot <kernel> [ <ramdisk> ]

(Kernel supports Image/zImage,and you should keep dtb in the last part of kernel,or resource partition

To generate a log file:

fastboot oem log 

To execute u-Boot command:

fastboot oem ucmd <UBOOT cmds>

Unlock your device via fastboot

Initially,it is not allow you perform flash ot oem command with locked fastboot.

To relock

1、 Executing fastboot oem unlock

2、Then executing fastboot oem unlock_accept in 5 seconds,

3、you device will reboot and recovery

4、Now put your device into fastboot mode, and fastboot getvar unlocked will return to "yes"

(Congraduations you have unlock your device finished!)

what if the device have entered into fastboot mode with indicates that NOT found your device, you need put -iinto your command in order to assign device ID.

For example:fastboot -i 0x2207 getvar unlocked