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upgrade_tool is a firmware upgrade tool for Linux. You can find it in [Linux SDK root]/ tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool.  Or you can donwload it from here

To use upgrade_tool, make sure you can execute it first.  

chmod 777 ./tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool

To use upgradetool  flash image. Please make sure your device is in maskrom rockusb mode.  Go to the rockimg directory

cd rockimg

Use below command to flash image. Let's use RK3399 as an example. You only need change rk3399_loader_v1.09.112.bin to the one you are using. 

sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool ul rk3399_loader_v1.09.112.bin
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -p parameter.txt
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -u uboot.img
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -t trust.img
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -re resource.img
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -k kernel.img
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool di -rootfs rootfs.img
sudo ../tools/linux/Linux_Upgrade_Tool/upgrade_tool rd