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= '''Hardware Document''' =
= '''Hardware Document''' =

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Source code

Rockchip provide open source software on Github including fully support for Linux Based OS:

You can also find software for Rockchip SoCs from Upstream:

If you are using a Chrombook with Rockchip SoC, you can use:



Hardware Document

Here are the documents for SoCs, you can find Hardware device/board information on DEVICE PAGE.





Quad-core Cortex-A17 CPU, MALI-T764 GPU

TRM, Datasheet

Schematic&Layout Guide


Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU,MALI-450MP2 GPU

TRM, Datasheet

Schematic&Layout Guide


Dual-core Cortex-A72, Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, MALI-T864 GPU

TRM, Datasheet

Schematic&Layout Guide



Software development 


Any question about software module on github, please ask at issue page of github project.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, your feedback is the motivation for us to improve this Document website,

Email-to: opensource@rock-chips.com